SHUTTLE TRAY® Flower Trays

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Worry-free shipment combines with fast and easy sales setup – not to mention the encouragement of multi-pot sales! Our sturdy SHUTTLE TRAY® flower trays and pot carriers anchor pots securely during transport from bench to rack to truck. The unique design makes it impossible for soil to fall between the growing pots. Multi-compartment plant trays facilitate fast display breakdown and setup, as well as attractive spacing of large-canopied crops. In addition, multiple holes ensure adequate drainage. East Jordan Plastics is the only source for SHUTTLE TRAY® flower trays.

SHUTTLE TRAY® brand horticultural trays offer an attractive retail package. The 4˝-6-pack includes handles and promote multi-pot sales. Our 6, 8, 10 and 11 pack spacer trays are an option for large canopy crops that require spacing.