SHUTTLE™ Brand Hanging Baskets, Planters & Injection Molded Pots

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The full featured quality injection molded SHUTTLE™ Brand Basket and SHUTTLE™ Brand Planter lines are all Made in the USA.

Our 10", 11" and 12" Baskets have multiple hanging options; over the rim for automation (10" and 11" only), and double clip and wire hanger holes.

3-Strand Hangers available for the 10" and 11" baskets; 4-Strand Hangers available for the 12" basket.

Tag slots integrated in rim.

Our 10", 12" and NEW 14" Planters have sturdy construction with heavy rims and sidewalls with bottom slots for use with industry standard saucers.

Our new 8" (SPI800) and 10" (SPI1000) Injection Molded pots have strong rims that accept both hangers and our new cages. In combination with the cages, these containers work well for Poinsettia, Mum and Nursery crops that need plant support.