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A Series Flats and Inserts (10 7/8" x 21 1/4")

Our largest footprint flat and insert system, measuring 10 7/8" x 21 1/4 ". All A Series inserts have a variety of compatible A Series flats to meet any planting requirement, including Press-Fit square pots, and feature the following for greater efficiency and yield:

  • Instant two-finger de-nesting, insert after insert
  • Consistent cell thickness, producing uniform strength throughout the entire insert and preventing a paper-thin bottom
  • Easy pack separation, due to clean and consistent trim with precise serrations
  • Uniform drainage holes and channels for complete and even drainage of the cell

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T Series Flats and Inserts (10" x 20")

T Series, or “true" flats and inserts, utilize a space-saving 10" x 20" footprint. However, they have virtually the same soil volume as the A Series insert, because the T Series inserts are a full 3/8" deeper. The result is more flats per bench, cart, truck and retail facing.

  • Using attention-grabbing tags in the built-in tag slot is an excellent way to display information to the retail customer or highlight programs

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S Series Flats and Inserts (8 1/2 “ x 20")

The S Series has an 8 1/2“ x 20" footprint. To support the inserts, S Series flats have matching full-height support ribs to withstand the rigors of automation from transplanting to shipping. Another advantage of the S Series is the ease of labeling it offers to price and identify your crop.

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L Series Flats and Inserts (7 1/2" x 20")

The L Series offers a 7 1/2" x 20" footprint. The L 6-06H LS insert is an excellent way to save space and accepts an adhesive label. We produce a special-sized insert for the LF 6 and LF 10 flats. They are the C 6-06H and the C 10-04H LS, which measure 7 3/4" x 20". The high center rib in these flats improves stacking strength.

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CT Series Flats and Inserts (11 1/2" x 14 3/4")

The CT Series represents an 11 1/2" x 14 3/4" flat which has long been called the Connecticut Flat.

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E Series Flats and Inserts (6 2/3" x 19 3/4")

The E Series footprint is 6 2/3" x 19 3/4". The EF Press-Fit Tray is quite versatile in that it will accept either an E 12-01H sheet of pots or 12 individual T4 Square Press-Fit pots.

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G Series Flats and Inserts (7" x 21")

With its 7" x 21" footprint, the G Series is a space-saving design with several insert and pot options. The G 6-06H LS and G 6-06EH LS provide two soil volumes while maintaining a label-friendly sidewall. The G 12-01H insert may be used as a two- row sheet-of-pots system with the GF 4-12 flat. The A4 Press-Fit pots may also be used with the GF 4-12 flat, making an attractive retail presentation.

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K Series Flats and Inserts (8" x 20")

With an 8" x 20" footprint, the K Series provides a space-saving option without compromising your crop. The high center rib in the KF 6 flat significantly improves stacking strength.

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P Series Inserts

The P series footprint is 13" x 16 1/4'' and was designed as a labor saving planting method for both the grower and the end user. With no single pots to worry about, it allows for a quick drop into our PCSS325-20 tray for filling. Great for the Landscaper and Groundcover markets with 2 depths to choose from.

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Y Series Flats and Inserts (8 1/2" x 21")

With an 8 1/2" x 21" footprint, the Y Series system has several distinct options. The Y 6-06H LS and Y 12-04H LS inserts both fit the YF6 flat. Our YF 8 flat is made for the Y8-06H LS. The YF 10 flat is paired with the Y 10-01H square sheet of pots. Our YF 12 flat accepts the Y 12-04H LS.

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