Recycling Program

Plastic Recycling - Our Commitment to Horticulture

East Jordan Plastics has been committed to plastic recycling since the early 60’s when we first began thermoforming plastic flats and plant inserts. Even then we realized the importance of plastic recycling. Today EJP has engineered and implemented a “closed loop” plastic recycling process that uses proven plastic recycling technology and that ensures maximum energy efficiency, and ultimately the highest quality recycled plastic products.

The first plastics processing line of our 130,000 square foot facility in South Haven, Michigan has the capacity to recycle over 10 million pounds of plastic material annually. Other plastic recycling lines will be added as needed. At EJP we strongly believe that the best way to achieve sustainability is to recycle plastics, and reuse all of the plastic plant containers we manufacture. With this in mind, it is our position that the most sustainable growing container is a growing container made from recycled plastic.

Project 100

We call our initiative Project 100%, and our goal is to spearhead a regional effort to ensure that all of the plastic used in making horticultural plant containers is recycled. It’s a lofty goal, we know, but we feel it’s the right thing to do– for both our industry and our planet.

Plastic Plant Container Recycling

There are many benefits to recycling:

  • Recycled plastic plant containers can recover upwards of 60% of the energy put into processing the product initially.
  • The recycling “closed loop” for plastic plant containers is repeated each time the plastic material is recycled with significant energy recovery gains
  • Recycled horticultural containers avoid landfills and are returned directly to the growing container manufacturing stream
  • Recycling reduces waste removal fees by keeping growing containers out of dumpsters and landfills
  • Recycling enhances the growing container industry’s public image as a wise steward of the environment by reusing sustainable plastic growing containers
  • Recycling creates opportunities for most plastic containers to be reused
  • Recycling increases retail foot traffic as consumers return their plastic plant containers to garden centers
  • Recycling achieves a better sustainable footprint due to trash reduction
Recycling Program
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